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Membership is closed until October.  There are no events planned until fall so it would be unfair to take new members for 2022 and then ask for renewal in October for 2023.  For that reason, the Membership drive for new and renewal members will begin in October and all new members will be granted membership ticket prices for the 2022 October and November events and their dues will be applied for 2023.


All new membership and renewals will begin in the first part of October.  In October, new members will need to fill out the application form and present a copy of their driver's license to show the year of birth between 1946 and 1964.  Renewals will no longer need to fill out a form unless your information has changed.  New members who join in October will be granted member prices for our 2022 October and November events and it will also include your 2023 membership dues.  Renewals will include October 2022 and continue through December 2023.  If you have any questions, please call, text or Kathy at 314-221-4530, or Email to

To all of our Snowbird members who will be traveling back north for the summer, we wish you a safe journey home and look forward to your return in the fall.  To our full-time members, we wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to another fun year together this fall.

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