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Membership Renewal for 2022 Ends Soon!

Please Renew Your Membership Now    

Wednesday, December 29 is the last day to renew your Boomer Membership.  Because of the holidays, there will not be a Boomer table at the Lodge from 10am until 12noon on Monday or Wednesday to accept Renewals.  

However,  you can drop your renewal form indicating any changes, along with your dues, $5 per person (cash or check made out to TP Boomers) into a box at my front door any time before December 29.  

If you are a Snowbird or out of town for the holidays and cannot renew in time, please call or text me at 314-221-4530 or Email me at and let me know that you plan to renew as soon as you return to Timber Pines.  

I will hold your membership as active if I know your intentions.  Anyone who has not renewed by that day and has not contacted me will be removed from our roster, database and mailing service.   

Member Renewal Forms are on white paper and New Member Applications are on yellow paper.  They can be found in the desk drawer in the library at the Lodge, or you may download them from our website, on the Membership tab)

Please drop the Form and your membership dues ($5 per person) in the Boomer Box next to my front door (2443 Grandfather Mountain) before December 29.    

If you have any questions regarding membership, please call or text Kathy at 314-221-4530, or email me at and I will be happy to help you.


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